Fake Tax Agent Phone Scam … AGAIN!

The ATO have recently reported that scammers are now using ATO phone numbers to contact their victims and demand payment for fake tax debts or face being arrested.

Our previous blog spoke about the 3-way conversation initiated by the victim and 2 scammers pretending to be the victims tax agent.

Now the scammers are using simple apps, that can be easily downloaded to their phone, to call people and make it look like the calls are coming from the ATO switchboard with the ATO’s legitimate phone numbers.

The ATO stats recently released show that during July and August around 1600 victims handed their personal details over to tax scammers which has resulted in $190,000 being stolen from the victims.

Don’t fall victim to these scams!

If you receive a call from someone demanding a payment by unusual means e.g. iTunes vouchers, store gift cards or BitCoin Cryptocurrency HANG UP IMMEDIATELY and contact us directly on 07 3881 3029 or call the ATO Scam Line on 1800 008 540.


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